Magnolia Women’s Center

The Magnolia Women’s Center is a low barrier day center in East Knoxville operated by Magnolia Ministries, a Raising a Voice partner. 

The Magnolia Womens Center is a space where women in our community can come to have their basic needs met, build community and start thinking about taking tangible steps forward. We offer free laundry, showers, clothing, hygiene products, basic first aid and testing, rest, hot meals and snacks, as well as extensive case management if a woman chooses. The cornerstone of our ministry is building trusting relationships and constantly being present in the community. Our goal is to meet women where they are and walk in relationship through all of the struggles and victories.

Our case management is broken into 3 phases; identification, stability, and sustainability. Everything begins with obtaining a women’s state ID, birth certificate and social security card. We then work towards everything from health care, court and justice system involvement, food stamps, housing, counseling, rehab and long term programming and much more.


Case Management

At the Magnolia Women’s Center, we offer individualized case management. We have a basic framework that is broken into 3 phases; identification, stability, and sustainability that can be tailored to every woman’s individual needs.

We know that long term and sustainable change takes time and comes with ups and downs, missed appointments and setbacks. For these reasons, we don’t set a time limit to our case management program. We believe in a woman led model allowing them to take the lead on how we progress through case management. Our case managers drive women and go to every appointment to help navigate paperwork, hard news, and advocate on their behalf.


At Magnolia Ministries, everything for us begins with outreach. Our goal is to be a constant presence in the community and meet our neighbors exactly where they are. Several times a month, we engage in various outreach activities. 

For traditional street outreach, we go into the community with hygiene kits filled with basic hygiene products, snacks and a card for the Magnolia Women’s Center. The goal is to meet and engage with neighbors, tell them about the Magnolia Women’s Center and begin to build trust and relationships. 

Through our partnership with local nonprofit, Keep Knoxville Beautiful, we have adopted a stretch of Martin Luther King Boulevard right by our Women’s Center. With East Knoxville being a severely under-resourced part of the city, there are no public trash cans. We believe in leaving our community better than we found it so we have committed to a litter pick up once a month. 

Outreaches are a great way for volunteers to get involved, serve our community and begin to understand what East Knoxville is all about.


Magnolia Made, an initiative from the Magnolia Women’s Center, is a collection of handmade earrings made by women in our community. The heart of Magnolia Made is to foster a space where women have the opportunity to take ownership of their lives with no barriers. It allows our women to think creatively,  positively and dream about their futures. Magnolia Made products are sold in our coffee shops, Likewise Coffee + Roastery and Cultivate Coffee + Flowers. 100% of the proceeds go directly back to investing in the women.

BLOOM stands for Building Lives On and Off Magnolia. BLOOM is a monthly intentional day to get out of the community with the women we serve and do something fun. The heart of BLOOM is to create core memories with the women we serve, build deeper community and relationship, and inspire hope for their futures. 

Magnolia Aid provides women the option to have basic first aid needs met while addressing more significant health challenges through local partnerships.